About Campus Caves

Campus Caves specializes in providing property and facility management solutions for student accommodation.

Campus Caves employs a comprehensive approach to accommodation for students.

Our experienced team of executives utilise their collective knowledge of modern student lodging and a passion for eco-responsive development, ensures a fundamental approach from the design stage to project development and site management.

Throughout all these stages we maintain a simple structure that is executed with precision, resulting in long term sustainable developments.

After completion we manage full operations with a single point of contact for all facility services thereby creating lasting learning living spaces that can only ensure academic performance earnestly required and serve as a catalyst for and contribute to rapid economic growth.

Our Vision

Campus Caves aims to be a dominant provider of learning living spaces promoting self-realisation, self-reliance and intellectual worthiness that catapults into a greater sense of citizenry.

Our Mission

To create an environment conducive for the advancement of academic performance which feeds into the achievement of the organisational vision, through inter alia:

– Academic success
– Social orientation
– Cultural orientation
– Cross institutional diversity
– Healthy living
– Confidence booster
– Easy access to facilities
– Resident support services
– Student safety

The challenge with student accommodation

Campus Caves specializes in providing property and facility management solutions for student accommodation.

The need for student accommodation was emphasised in the Report on the Ministerial Committee for the Review of the Provision of Student Housing at South African Universities, September 2011.

It highlighted that there are only 107 598 beds available for approximately 535 000 learners enrolled across 22 residential universities.

Campus Caves offers a unique and complete solution for student accommodation.  Caves works with educational institutions in identifying the best options for residential accommodation for their students. As part of our solution oriented approach, a detailed needs analysis isconducted to facilitate a proper plan in response to this challenge.

We ensure expert advice and consulting from the concept origin, design, construction, construction management, transition to lodgement and ongoing operation of the resident faculty.